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A Question of Language – foreign or not? (guest blog)

It is my pleasure to reproduce a blog written by a friend and colleague of mine, Chris Markiewicz. He writes weekly, always producing something of interest. This week his title is Inwazja Angielskiego – not a phrase I readily understand, as it is … Continue reading

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Are you the next Mandela – finding the change leader in you.

Last week I was asked in an email, “where have you been, I’ve been missing your writing”. This simple question was enough to give myself the proverbial kick start I needed to get these pages moving again. For those who have missed … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech – by right or responsibility?

I have been burdened recently in writing this article; each time I get it finished, something else hits me, usually from the media that I think needs to be included – this morning I finally post it, completed, but in … Continue reading

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Is a Racist Comment Racism? – a question of sport and beyond!

It was never my intention to turn this blog into a sports report, but who could have predicted such furore as we have seen/heard since the decision last week to remove the England captaincy from John Terry – he has … Continue reading

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