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Inspired to Write – prejudice from an American airline

Why have I been so absent from this blog for the past months? Surely it is not because I have nothing to write about; indeed, it is probably quite the opposite. I watch, listen to and read the news daily … Continue reading

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Getting Language Right – helping immigrants settle.

I am indebted once again to my colleague and friend Chris Markiewicz, who has previously guest blogged on these pages. Yesterday, he brought the issue of accuracy in language to my attention in his blog. He suggests that getting one’s … Continue reading

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A Question of Language – foreign or not? (guest blog)

It is my pleasure to reproduce a blog written by a friend and colleague of mine, Chris Markiewicz. He writes weekly, always producing something of interest. This week his title is Inwazja Angielskiego – not a phrase I readily understand, as it is … Continue reading

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Using Gender Neutral Language – a path to equality

In recent months I have been asked, in a variety of environments, why using non-gender neutral language is sexist. I thought it would be it worthwhile exploring this issue. There are many major gender based inequality issues in our societies … Continue reading

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It’s All Right Love – what’s in a word?

A friend of mine was at the market on Saturday afternoon, buying some fruit. The woman gave him a bag of bananas with a friendly “here you are, dear”. Not only did he accept her term of endearment without question, … Continue reading

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Language and Culture – a complex paradox.

The other day, I was listening to an Italian tennis player being interviewed by a French sporting journalist in English. It got me thinking about the language I speak; how I take it completely for granted. English, the global language … Continue reading

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