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Are you the next Mandela – finding the change leader in you.

Last week I was asked in an email, “where have you been, I’ve been missing your writing”. This simple question was enough to give myself the proverbial kick start I needed to get these pages moving again. For those who have missed … Continue reading

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Rights of Disabled People – the wrongs of very few others.

In 1990, the United States enacted the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was one of the first such pieces of legislation in the world. It defined disability discrimination and has been a blueprint for many other similar laws across the … Continue reading

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The Royal Family – established gender equality

  This short article has a surprising subject for me; the Royal Family, but I could not let this piece of news pass without comment. Today the countries of the Commonwealth agreed that a bill ending discrimination against women in the … Continue reading

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Overweight – an issue affecting us all.

On 3 May this year I posted an article about the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act, asking why stop at nine. Today I read an article on an NHS Choices website about doctors who discriminate against overweight people, … Continue reading

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Change you Words – change your world!

I was sent this amazing video by a new colleague and friend Zap who thought I would appreciate it. So great was the message that I want to share it with all my networks, including the blog. What a change to … Continue reading

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Unconscious Bias – what do we understand?

We are all noticing, I am sure, an increase in the use of the term ‘unconscious bias’ in our diversity work and I am seeing circumstances of its misuse and misunderstanding. On several occasions recently I have been asked about … Continue reading

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Women on the Board – as proposed by Richard Branson

Having recently been involved in many discussions about women in senior management positions and on the boards of companies, I intended writing an article on the subject. However, when I was sent the article below via my Twitter feed, I … Continue reading

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