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Inspired to Write – prejudice from an American airline

Why have I been so absent from this blog for the past months? Surely it is not because I have nothing to write about; indeed, it is probably quite the opposite. I watch, listen to and read the news daily … Continue reading

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Getting Language Right – helping immigrants settle.

I am indebted once again to my colleague and friend Chris Markiewicz, who has previously guest blogged on these pages. Yesterday, he brought the issue of accuracy in language to my attention in his blog. He suggests that getting one’s … Continue reading

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No Double Beds Available – a religious response to equalities

When I go on holiday, I want to be able to share a room and a bed with my partner; whether we are married or not should be of no consequence. In last week’s news, I read a story of … Continue reading

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Your Family Name – following the mother or the father?

One of my new LinkedIn contacts Stephen Morley, Sports Development Officer at Cambridge City Council posted this question on the Beyond Diversity group on LinkedIn. He stated. “For a long time I have felt that a major inequalities is how woman … Continue reading

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Flags – do you nail your colours to a mast?

As this is my first post for 2013, I would like to wish a belated Happy New Year to all readers and thank you once again for making 2012 such a success. It certainly has been far too long since … Continue reading

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Staff Team Communities – an ideal for all workplaces

In the last year I have worked with various groups on team development, change management or diversity programmes. What has struck me time and again is the level of disconnect between people who spend a good proportion of their lives … Continue reading

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History Made in London – dignity in the face of adversity

I was struck this past week by the presence of Aung San Suu Kyi, a remarkable woman with grace and dignity who has been touring the UK as a visiting dignitary. Her achievements are well documented, as a human rights … Continue reading

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Who is Invisible – the boy on the stairs

At 8:10 one morning last week, I boarded the 125 London bus to work. It was raining and the bus was crowded. On the stairs, standing in his usual place a teenage boy on his way to school; I had … Continue reading

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Equalities in the News – drip-drip, but is it enough?

Let me start in my usual way, by describing the stimuli for this article and prepare you for the usual questions I am posing at the end of it. Yesterday I read with interest findings from a BBC research into … Continue reading

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‘No fault dismissal’: correcting an imbalance or going too far

In the years of the last Labour government, I was continuously contacted by employers telling me that their control over employees had been eroded away completely. Often blaming European directives, they said that their employees had too much power, particularly … Continue reading

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