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Facebook and the Pope – a billion or more.

You may remember that in October 2012 Facebook released a statement saying that their  one billionth account had been set up. If this was translated into a country’s population, Facebook would be the third largest country on Earth. Later today, Pope … Continue reading

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Freedom of Speech – by right or responsibility?

I have been burdened recently in writing this article; each time I get it finished, something else hits me, usually from the media that I think needs to be included – this morning I finally post it, completed, but in … Continue reading

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Staff Team Communities – an ideal for all workplaces

In the last year I have worked with various groups on team development, change management or diversity programmes. What has struck me time and again is the level of disconnect between people who spend a good proportion of their lives … Continue reading

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A Sense of Community – a little nugget for the workplace

This article is a bit different from the norm, but stick with it to find out where it goes. It was a hot day, I mean very hot. Everything was steaming and damp, even the asphalt on the road was … Continue reading

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