About Equality Edge

Equality Edge is an organisation set up to deliver a cutting edge response to issues of equality and diversity in the workplace. The signature project “Working with Difference” is a personal exploration into the complex world of difference.

How do your own differences impact of your behaviour as a worker, a colleague or a manager. Why do you respond in given ways to other people’s difference? Why do some people press your buttons? As a manager, why are you exposed to accusations of bullying and harassment? Why do you get on with all your direct reports – except one? All these, and many more, are questions Equality Edge can answer through workshop or coaching services.

New products in the Equality Edge stable of products includes “Working with Difference”, “leading from Within” and “men in Management”. These are delivered through coaching or workshop, in-house or in open format.

No obligation discussions are available. Contact for help and support.

4 Responses to About Equality Edge

  1. sasha says:

    like your blogs a lot

  2. Valerie says:

    Hi, your blogs are very informative, thank you so much for making them available to us and continuing the learning process.

  3. equalityedge says:

    I’m really pleased you appreciate the writing. It means a lot to me to get such positive feedback. Please keep reading and commenting.

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