Just Sharing a Video – what do you think?

As I watched this short animation, I found myself predicting what the real figures would be, before they were presented and was somewhat shocked at how far out I was from the actual statistics. I’d be really interested to hear from you about what you thought as you watched it.

It does not take any great mind to realise that the global figures for wealth distribution would produce even more shocking statistics. I found this on Wikipedia. The top 0.001% of the global population was worth 16.7 trillion dollars in May 2013, equal to 30% of global wealth. The bottom 99.9% owned 10.9 trillion dollar; just 19% of all wealth. Now that’s what I call financial inequality!

About equalityedge

I run Equality Edge and its unique and creative "Working with Difference" project. It supports employers and managers in gaining a competitive and cost saving advantage from meeting equality and diversity best practice obligations. Coaching and workshops are used to deliver organisational, team and leadership development, assisting in improving communication and the understanding of the impact difference has on workplace behaviour.
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5 Responses to Just Sharing a Video – what do you think?

  1. Bernadette nagy says:

    Not surprised…..

  2. Ruth Tosha says:

    This is the infogram for the US:

    • equalityedge says:

      This is brilliant Ruth and should be touted around as widely as possible. What do they say “wake up and smell the coffee”!
      I’ll post the video on other social media channels.

  3. Xohan says:

    Thank you Michael. I had no ideal of the gap between the top 1% and the rest of society. There is what you think you know, 5% and then what you don’t know because you didn’t know it 90%.

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