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Corporate Social Responsibility – and the occasional lack of

Today, I think I will start with a one question quiz that you won’t be able to answer. What do these people have in common? Ari Mervis, Mike Walsh, Anton Van Heerden, Dan Last, Grant Peck, Tanya Southey, Peter Filipovic, … Continue reading

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Overweight – an issue affecting us all.

On 3 May this year I posted an article about the nine protected characteristics of the Equality Act, asking why stop at nine. Today I read an article on an NHS Choices website about doctors who discriminate against overweight people, … Continue reading

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It’s All Right Love – what’s in a word?

A friend of mine was at the market on Saturday afternoon, buying some fruit. The woman gave him a bag of bananas with a friendly “here you are, dear”. Not only did he accept her term of endearment without question, … Continue reading

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