Change you Words – change your world!

I was sent this amazing video by a new colleague and friend Zap who thought I would appreciate it. So great was the message that I want to share it with all my networks, including the blog.

What a change to have something so positive.

About equalityedge

I run Equality Edge and its unique and creative "Working with Difference" project. It supports employers and managers in gaining a competitive and cost saving advantage from meeting equality and diversity best practice obligations. Coaching and workshops are used to deliver organisational, team and leadership development, assisting in improving communication and the understanding of the impact difference has on workplace behaviour.
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1 Response to Change you Words – change your world!

  1. laurirobertson says:

    A great and powerful message. We all can learn and benefit from this.
    At Disability Awareness Consultants, we teach people who aren’t disabled how to work with people who are, and we do site-audits for barrier-free design!


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