“Sometime I feel like a magnet”.

When someone suggested to me in an email that they feel like a magnet attracting bullies at work, it got me thinking about ones role in being “a victim”.

All interactions between people are co-created – including the relationship between the bully and their victims. So, how much of a person’s behaviour in the workplace is likely to expose them to being bullied? Can a person turn themselves into a victim purely by the way they behave?

Employers and senior managers may recognise the behavioural patterns of abrasive managers and bullies in the workplace, but  are they as equally tuned into the patterns of the victims? Perhaps this could be a learning process that will support staff teams and may prevent the bullying from happening in the first place.

I wonder, what do you think?

About equalityedge

I run Equality Edge and its unique and creative "Working with Difference" project. It supports employers and managers in gaining a competitive and cost saving advantage from meeting equality and diversity best practice obligations. Coaching and workshops are used to deliver organisational, team and leadership development, assisting in improving communication and the understanding of the impact difference has on workplace behaviour.
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2 Responses to “Sometime I feel like a magnet”.

  1. Good observation. It is certainly unfair to place the blame for bullying on the victim and yet, asking the question of how they may contribute to the situation is always useful.

    Nice blog, keep it up!

    • equalityedge says:

      Thanks for your comment, Mac. .
      I have been told by social media consultants that writing a blog is an integral part of getting my message out – it does not come naturally to me, so positive feedback is much appreciated.
      I guess it is working as I seem to picking up new contact daily. This is also helped by the News & Support news-sheet, which now has a circulation of nearly 1000 people.
      I’ll keep writing and hopefully get more interest each time.
      Best wishes

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