First Post

It’s been coming for a long time – my first Blog. It certainly is time for me to be sharing my experiences of helping employers meet their equality and diversity obligations and how they deal with situations of workplace bullying. This never-ending problem poses many questions for employers, manager and HR officers –  our challenge is to find the answers.

I hope this Blog will make some of those answers available. Maybe in the form of case studies of work I have delivered or perhaps as thoughts and ideas.

What I do know, is that I can help anyone who has been accused of bullying at work, I can mediate between them and their accuser and most importantly, I can help employers find a win/win resolve from what may look like a lose/lose scenario.

The key is all in our signature project called “Working with Difference”. By exploring personal difference beyond diversity, we help protagonists to find mutually acceptable points of contact. By deepening the understanding of ones own differences, we become more aware and tolerant of the differences in others. However simple it sounds, it really does work.

I intend writing regular posts, which will be entertaining and informative. Together we can begin to tackle the problems of bullying at work.


About equalityedge

I run Equality Edge and its unique and creative "Working with Difference" project. It supports employers and managers in gaining a competitive and cost saving advantage from meeting equality and diversity best practice obligations. Coaching and workshops are used to deliver organisational, team and leadership development, assisting in improving communication and the understanding of the impact difference has on workplace behaviour.
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